gsd academic

In addition to the robust features offered by GSD Groups, GSD Academic offers features specifically designed to meet the needs of top dental schools. Whether a clinic or classroom environment GSD Academic helps manage everything from patients to inventory to grading and assessments.

Key Features

  • Appointment Book

    Appointment book manages scheduling for procedures of varying duration. Appointments can be scheduled in any increment. You can establish different fee schedules for different provider groups; the expected length of time for a procedure can be set within each fee schedule.

  • Academic Management

    Track student work quotas based on student year and identify the number of treatment items for each type of treatment for each student. Alternately, track quotas by provider categories, making it possible to move the student in and out of the resource pool for that type of procedure. Added flexibility allows a dental school to set a quota for treatment items and compare to requirements.

    Assign student grades to full treatment items or separate aspects of the treatment in the treatment history.

    Supports student entry of treatment plans through enhanced security features that allow entry, but cannot be charged or put into history without supervisor’s approval.

    Record academic requirements for each clinical year and report on progress as compared with the school’s requirements.

    Teaches students effective practice management through current technology.